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Why a native Salesforce incentive solution is the best option

Written by Heloisa Lorenzini
What behaviors should manufacturers be incentivizing from their channel partners?

Today’s competitive marketplace calls for strong and agile infrastructure to drive customer and partner engagement.

Some companies try to develop their own engagement programs or look to purchase ones that aren’t built natively on Salesforce. But what they’re missing is a 360-degree view of their partners and customers. The best way to achieve this is via a platform built natively on Salesforce.

Instead of simply integrating with Salesforce from the outside, native solutions operate within the Salesforce environment. The result is a comprehensive, completely transparent platform that provides visibility into every step of the customer and partner lifecycle.

How a Native Salesforce Solution Benefits Business
Engagement software in the form of CRM extensions that operate as individual silos don’t deliver many business advantages. It can be difficult to gain a comprehensive view of customers when stakeholders have to move back and forth between multiple systems.

Gain insights and seamless integration
To provide the seamless, personalized experience customers want, 360-degree visibility of data and interactions is a must. Alongside this, companies need an uninterrupted view of their entire commercial lifecycle – from product catalog and pricing, through the sales process to order management.

A platform that is native to Salesforce directly populates customer and commerce data into a company’s Salesforce database, eliminating any data disparities that might arise when gathering information from separate systems.

This unobstructed and instant flow of data into common analytics across Salesforce applications gives customers real-time insights and reporting. This native architectural approach applies for all Salesforce-native apps, making it simple to build a modular platform that addresses all business needs.

Familiar user experience = fast adoption
Native applications tend to use the same user interface (UI), built using Salesforce’s Lightning Design System. This means there’s no need to adjust to new UIs. The familiarity and increased efficiency makes a native app easy to pick up.

Salesforce-native applications are time- and cost-effective. Two separate systems mean twice the cost, twice the upgrades and twice the hassle. Instead of having to implement and manage a Salesforce integration system, solutions native to Salesforce grant companies access to Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and much, much more – all in one centralized location.

Leverage Salesforce’s core capabilities
Salesforce’s platform has solved questions around the likes of user profiles, hierarchies, security, redundancy and reporting. With a native solution, you can make use of the features that have already been developed to address customer pain points.

Ensure trust
Salesforce is the biggest cloud Enterprise CRM system in the world, and its used by the majority of Fortune 100 companies.

The reliability, infrastructure and security that companies get from Salesforce is inherent to native-Salesforce solutions. They naturally abide by Salesforce best practices as well as the rules and security settings set within. On top of that, all customer data remains securely held within Salesforce rather than a compromisable external server.

Seamless integration, uniformity and data security, found on scalable Salesforce-native solutions, provide priceless peace of mind.