How do I increase sellers’ product knowledge?

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 13, 2017

If you want your channel partners to promote your products over others, speak knowledgeably about your offerings and rise to more complex marketer-seller capabilities, you need to make sure they’re well-trained and educated!

How Fielo drives brand advocacy

By Anna Sophie Gross Dec 12, 2016

Fielo offers ways for your company to collect, store and analyze data on channel partner behavior, as well as in-built automated reward and tier systems to incentivize them towards top class brand advocacy.

How Fielo helped Michelin thrive [+New eBook]

By Anna Sophie Gross Dec 8, 2016

Thanks to a fruitful and lasting partnership, Fielo has helped Michelin cut costs on campaign delivery and management, sales have increased dramatically as a result of sell-in incentivization and stakeholders have enhanced visibility into their channel.

How Fielo helped HTP change its gameplan [+ New ebook]

By Anna Sophie Gross Dec 2, 2016

How Fielo helped a prominent American manufacturing company multiply its revenue by incentivizing increased buy-in and driving sales of desired product lines.