How Fielo can help you build a: Contractor Incentive Program

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 31, 2017

Building and construction manufacturers, check out this post to see how Fielo can help you develop a Contractor Incentive Program which rewards product knowledge, lead and opportunity sharing, sales pipeline transparency and purchase. These are must-haves for maintaining and expanding market share.

5 top social media tips for manufacturers

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 28, 2017

Every manufacturer is now aware that if they want to gain and maintain credibility in the market, they need to have a strong social media presence. We’ve listened to advice from digital specialists and hand-picked five of the most important take-away messages for boosting your brand’s online presence.

How to evaluate your resellers beyond revenue… brand advocacy      

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 27, 2017

This post explains how manufacturers can incentivize revenue-driving brand advocacy from their resellers. It's the fourth and final part of our series on looking beyond 'quantity of sales' when rewarding contractors, distributors and vendors.

How do I evaluate my resellers beyond revenue?... Education

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 24, 2017

Manufacturers, find out how to incentivize and reward your resellers for educating themselves. This is the third part of a four part series about ways you can track, evaluate and reward your resellers on activities other than quantity of sales.