Welcome to the Fielo blog

By Anna Sophie Gross Feb 17, 2016

Hi and welcome to our new Fielo blog. Here, we will bring you relevant information about channel incentivization and loyalty, with subject matter expertise, best practices and useful articles that come from numerous successful global implementations of our Incentive Automation software for Channel organizations

Check out our latest Webinar: Incentive Automation in a Native Salesforce Architecture

By Anna Sophie Gross Jun 29, 2018

This month, we hosted a great webinar all about the benefits of building a loyalty and incentive application natively on Salesforce's force.com. Why not give it a listen?

Fielo Webinar: Channel Incentivization Trends in the Manufacturing Industry

By Anna Sophie Gross Jun 1, 2018

Check out Fielo's latest Webinar aimed at the Manufacturing world, bringing you all the latest trends to keep your eyes on.

White Paper: The 6 Drivers for Investing in a Strategic Channel Incentive Program

May 18, 2018

If you want to get the most from your channel investment, download Fielo's latest White Paper to find out why you should institute a strategic incentive program sooner rather than later.

The importance of analytics for Incentive Automation

By Anna Sophie Gross May 4, 2018

Enterprising companies are increasingly using data analytics to expand the frontier of value creation in their pipeline. Read this post to find out why.