How do I evaluate my resellers beyond revenue? ... Sales Performance

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 22, 2017

Manufacturers, check out our post on the importance of assessing your resellers' overall sales performance. It's the second in our four part series on how to avoid the trap of only rewarding and incentivizing distributors, sellers and marketers for quantity of sales!

How do I evaluate my resellers beyond revenue? ... Reputation

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 20, 2017

This is the first part of a four part series on the ways you can track, evaluate and reward your resellers on activities other than 'quantity of sales'. Today we’ll be focusing on incentivizing and rewarding resellers based on reputation.

How do I teach my sellers those all-important ‘soft’ sales skills?

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 17, 2017

Take a read of our post for Manufacturers which explains how a reseller program can help your distributors, resellers, marketers and contractors build and develop pre and post sale skills which will increase your revenue

How do I get my sellers to sell more?

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 15, 2017

If it’s higher volume of sales you’re looking for from your contractors, sellers and distributors, you’re definitely part of a very popular club. The good news is that engagement software is perfectly tailored to enable suppliers to drive and incentivize higher sales volumes from their seller base.