How to create a loyalty and incentive program – part 2

Mar 7, 2016

In our last article we spoke about the first phase of creating a loyalty program - mapping. Today, we’ll talk about the second and most important phase of all - planning. Check out how to break your plan down to make sure you're covering all the bases.

Loyalty Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 3, 2016

Many companies still believe that loyalty activities can only be directed towards small sellers or customers. We want to show that loyalty tactics can be aimed at different channels in diverse sectors of the market, in accordance with the interests of each organization.

Welcome to the Fielo blog

By Anna Sophie Gross Feb 17, 2016

Hi and welcome to our new Fielo blog. Here, we will bring you relevant information about channel incentivization and loyalty, with subject matter expertise, best practices and useful articles that come from numerous successful global implementations of our Incentive Automation software for Channel organizations

Creating Incentive Programs using a Loyalty Canvas Methodology

By Alexandre Pires and Anna Sophie Gross Feb 17, 2016

Learning to use the Loyalty Canvas methodology to create or improve your incentive and loyalty programs.