4 ways to master your channel marketing

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 16, 2016

If your company works with channel partners the surest way to grow vendor revenue and achieve your goals is through targeted and expertly designed marketing campaigns directed at your affiliates. With this in mind, we’ve decided to offer you four of our most valued pearls of wisdom when it comes to designing an effective channel marketing campaign.

How to create a loyalty and Incentive Program – part 3

Mar 14, 2016

Creating and managing an efficient loyalty or incentive program is often a hugely complex task. That's why we’ve created a series of articles covering the creation, implementation and execution phases of the development process. Today, in our third installation, we cover the two final phases of the process: implementation and operation.

It’s not all sell, sell, sell – it’s about the skills behind the sale

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 11, 2016

Businesses are learning that simply offering post-sale rewards to partners is too much of a short-term strategy which doesn’t generate tangible, long-term results. That’s where ‘loyalty engineering’ comes in – a new strategy whereby companies reward a host of pre-sale behaviors, to form a more strong and sturdy foundation for business performance in the future.

Why technology is essential for a successful loyalty and incentive program

Mar 9, 2016

Highly intelligent technological software has played a vital role in the shift away from traditional sell = win models of channel incentivization, towards rewarding more subtle pre and post-sale bahaviors. In this post we show how technology founded on PRM software plays an invaluable supportive role throughout the loyalty process – doing all the leg work so you can stick to the areas of business you excel in.