A fun way to unite and engage your channel partner ecosystem

By Anna Sophie Gross Apr 4, 2016

Nowadays, brands and companies can be dealing with a massive and disparate channel partner ecosystem, and there’s no better way to create a sense of unity and interactiveness than by adding a light dose of competitive fun to their daily lives.

Where psychology meets business: measuring your program's success

By Anna Sophie Gross Apr 1, 2016

In this post we show how your business can borrow some pearls of wisdom from the world of psychology, where behaviors and habits are studied, analysed and adapted, to understand and ultimately re-define their outcome – in this context, sales.

Rewarding quickly: the key to a successful incentive program

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 30, 2016

Relevancy and speed are essential when it comes to designing the perfect reward schemes for your channel partners. The lifestyle of participants nowadays are hectic, dynamic and instantaneous – people are used to accessing what they want when they want it. Your program needs to meet these needs head on, with speed and efficiency.

Ready to Start building a World Class Channel Loyalty and Incentive Program? [+ Template]

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 29, 2016

Our handy kit contains an online model with attachable multi-colored post-it notes, a specially tailored example, imagined and designed by the experts behind Fielo, and links to our own in-depth material explaining how to go about canvasing your program effectively. Go ahead and grab your kit now.