The Power of the Reward

By Anna Sophie Gross Apr 18, 2016

In this article, we cover the three main benefits of a robust reward program - increased sales, brand recognition and customer loyalty. The trio that lies behind soaring ROI and revenue.

Wining and dining your B2B channel partners

Apr 15, 2016

You need to make sure your partner relationships aren’t just a fling, but a lasting, loving and mutually supportive union. In this post we show how to wine and dine your channels through investment, communication and specialization. 

SaaS and the need for channel partners

By Anna Sophie Gross Apr 13, 2016

In this post we examine why the great SaaS boom has led companies to mistakenly move away from working with channel partners and developing channel partner programs.

4 ways to make sure channel partners bring their A game

By Anna Sophie Gross Apr 11, 2016

In this post we outline a few ways you can lend a helping hand to smaller channel partners, making sure they stay on form, and ultimately engage in the behaviors you want to incentivize.