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¿Qué mantiene despiertos a los jefes de canal por la noche?

What’s keeping channel chiefs up at night?

When the economy is surging and customers are buying like there’s no tomorrow, it doesn’t matter so much what your channel partners do beyond taking orders. Still, there are things that you wish your channel partners would do more of — marketing activities, increased customer service responsiveness, training — to build the sustainability of your brand. And the lack of those activities is more obvious in a slowing economy when customers become more discretionary in their spending.

Fielo recently commissioned a research study to ascertain the value channel pros place on channel partners’ functions & capabilities across the spectrum of the customer lifecycle, and to identify the related issues that are holding them back. Watch the on-demand webinar now to get the research results and learn how your peers in tech, manufacturing, and consumer goods companies value their channel partners’ investments, and what they’re doing to ensure their performance reinforces their brand and business.