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solutions playbook:

expand the top of the funnel

  • Increased number of sales qualified leads/opportunities (assuming your conversion ratio remains static)
  • Expansion of word-of-mouth network (assumes a portion of leads becomes an “extended voice”)

You may want partners to contribute/register more leads, in order to increase the number of opportunities. [N.B. In some cases, those leads may be developed by the partner; in others, the lead may be developed into an opportunity by your own sales force (the latter case being partner referrals).] the top of the funnel_20181008165720_0.jpg

rules recipe:

step 1

Determine the partners or group of partners which you want to include in your expand-the-funnel incentive program – for example, all Gold partners, Silver Partners in Europe, or partners of a particular size (say, between $10 million and $50 million in revenue).

step 2

Pick a baseline time period. You need a time period as a baseline for measuring lead contribution performance improvement – for example, last quarter (vs. this quarter), same quarter last year (vs. this quarter), or last year (vs. this year).

step 3

Determine how many points to award a partner for increasing their number of registered leads w.r.t. the baseline – for example, 10 points for each additional lead registered.

step 4

Calculate the baseline number of leads for each partner as the number of leads registered in the baseline period: (A) total number of leads registered.

step 5

Set up your outcome rule. For the program time period, calculate the number of leads registered: (B) total number of leads registered. If B > A, allocate 10 points times B – A (10 points for each additional lead above the baseline).


Top of the funnel filled with more leads – Oftentimes, marketers need to "widen" the top of the funnel, in order to get more sales qualified leads – and more closed opportunities – out at the bottom. Channel partners can be incentivized to contribute to demand generation by rewarding them for registering leads and opportunities.