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salesforce edition

Fielo IA Salesforce Edition is built on Salesforce's native platform,, so you can leverage all the capabilities you get with your Salesforce investment, including Salesforce's trusted security, access controls, "click, not code" application configuration, and a common user experience.

salesforce community cloud, marketing cloud and lightning ready

Fielo is fully linked to Salesforce CRM applications. Community Cloud and Lightning Components connect your Salesforce Communities portal to Fielo’s core loyalty and incentive features, giving program participants easy and attractive tools for monitoring their incentive program participation and progress. Marketing Cloud integration allows you to send emails and notifications based on program information, including registration, completed actions, e-learning and points redemption.

behavioral incentivization

Because fielo IA is built natively on Salesforce’s platform, data travels seamlessly between fielo and Salesforce, enabling program participants to be incentivized for any behavior captured as a Salesforce object.

intelligent rules engine

With fielo’s Rules Engine, you define your incentive programs your way. You can specify any combination of program participant activities and define performance thresholds for how your channel and customers earn points, rewards or badges.

segmentation engine

Fielo’s Segmentation Engine enables you to personalize the program experience for select participants. Cluster those that have the best sales performance, or those within certain geographies. Target programs for training rock stars, or those that may need additional incentive to become one.

360º analytics

With fielo’s rich reporting and dashboarding capabilities, you get access and insights into program participation, activity, and results, based on member engagement and actions – information that allows you to continually improve and adjust program value, to boost partner and customer engagement and channel performance.


Fielo IA gamification capabilities enable you to define interim challenges involving objectives, performance, time (race) and missions. Participants can also track their progress on a leaderboard, and get rewards and badges according to their scores.


  • Tier Management
  • Multi-programs
  • Intelligent rules engine
  • Gamification
  • Program Templates
  • Flexible Rules
  • Scheduled Campaigns
  • Analytics
  • Rewards and Redemption
  • Portal
  • Content Management
  • Salesforce integration
  • Community Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Lightning
  • Einstein
  • Purchase Behavior
  • E-Learning
  • Brand Compliance