Incentivize and Engage Channel Partners at Scale

Intelligent Rules Engine

Create highly-personalized, channel-specific incentive programs to drive desired outcomes. Tailor rewards that match the unique characteristics and context of each participant so that they drive engagement and desired outcomes.

Intelligent Rules Engine

Channel Partner Segmentation

Segment and personalize your partner incentive and loyalty programs by attributes like sales volume, location, product and real-time behavior. Create member tiers and recognize high performing partners with personalized rewards.

Customizable Member Portal

Provide your program members with personalized content and views of their program portal and member status. Individualize user layout and features based on our intelligent rules engine that will incentivize and reward

Reward & Incentive Options

Fielo offers numerous incentivization options and can integrate with most third party reward catalog providers. Test and optimize personalized reward and recognition options that most influence channel partner performance


Maximize program engagement through interactive games and contests that stimulate program activity. Fielo Gamify brings gaming mechanics into loyalty and incentive programs, tapping into people's desire for competition, achievement, status and recognition - driving program performance and retention


Our Customer Success team configures and launches your Fielo implementation. Experts in incentive automation and loyalty programs, we ensure that your ROI is our ROI. We train your team , share best practices and help you launch the most effective and engaging incentive programs for your channel partners


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