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Learn about our commitment to data protection

your privacy is
critically important to us

At fielo we adhere to the following data protection principles
  • Accountability:

    We are responsible for the protection of Personal Information entrusted to us.

  • Transparency and Control:

    We don’t ask for your personal information unless we need it to provide you with a service or product. We inform customers when we collect their Personal Information and we honor their preferences for contacting them.

  • Third Parties processing our information:

    We choose trustworthy vendors and suppliers to process our Personal Information and we require them to commit to adequate privacy and data security standards. We require our partners to commit to privacy policies and standards that we consider adequate

  • Privacy and Security by Design:

    We apply privacy requirements and the principles of our Privacy Policies when designing our product and when implementing new technologies internally. We implement technical, organizational, and physical security measures to ensure an appropriate level of security of the Personal Information we process.

  • We collect and use the following Personal Data from you when you use the Services:

    User / Client Data: Personal name, company address e-mail address mobile telephone number. In order to provide you with the Services and the Platform we also process on your behalf financial information and Personal Data contained in your accounting documents.
    Technical Data: when you use the Service, certain information will be collected automatically by us, including; information about your use of the Platform and the Services; technical data, such as HTTP request data, unique user identifier and network performance);

  • How We Use Your Information Collected through our Sites

    We don’t ask for your personal information unless we need it to provide you with a service or product that you have requested. Some examples include:

    * Downloading case studies, articles and ebooks

    * Customize your experience

    * Detect and protect us against error, fraud and other criminal activity

    * Enforce our agreed upon Terms of Use

    * Provide you with system or administra tive messages, and as otherwise
    described to you at the time of collection.

If you have any comments or questions, or if you would like to report an issue, please contact