The Power of Fielo’s Analytics

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 19, 2018

Fielo Analytics allows you to make reports on the success of your Program based on tons of different criteria. You can break reports down to look at Member onboarding, monthly stats, and Promotion performance, amongst many other things. You can also see all of the stats in a really clear and visual way.

Our Analytics functionality is built directly on Salesforce so it uses the wealth of information Salesforce puts at your fingertips—ranging from real-time snapshots of your business, to yearly summaries.

An independent survey of more than 4,000 Salesforce customers found that these analytics were able to cut the time people needed to prepare Reports by an average of 52 percent.

Your program Dashboard provides a snapshot of your program-wide Reports summarized with the total number of users, points, or engagements, month over month growth percentage, and a sparkline to show trending behavior for the past 30 days.

Unique Fielo functionality: KPIs

Fielo Analytics also goes beyond Salesforce native functionality, offering a unique feature which allows you to create KPIs and then track your program based on the extent to which it reaches these goals.

Two benefits of this feature are:

  • Objectives: You can set Objectives; i.e. targets, and see how far you have come in reaching them.
  • Program, Promotion and Challenge centered: You can create Reports around particular Promotions, Challenges and Programs.


Report Options

You can create Reports on a whole host of things.

Here are some of the templates Fielo comes with:

Active Members per month per program

Members who have transacted per month per program

Active Points

Total number of Active Points in the program

Breakage per month

Number of expired points in the program

Items redeemed by Quantity

Items redeemed (products and their quantity)

Items redeemed by Sum of Points

Items redeemed (sum of points)

Members that redeemed points

Count of members who have redeemed

New Members / Month

Number of new members in status "Active" per Program per month.

Points distributed per Month

Total number of Points distributed to all members per month per program

Points generated per Challenge

Number of points generated per Challenge

Points generated per Promotion

Number of points generated per Promotion

Points per Promotion

Number of points generated per Promotion

Points redeemed per month

Total number of Points redeemed per month

Points that will expire per month

Points that will expire per month

Program Revenue Per Month

Program Revenue generated by Invoices per Month

Promotion Revenue Per Month

Promotion Revenue generated by Invoices per Month

Available Courses

Number of active courses

Members With Incomplete Courses

Number of members that have a course not finished

Members that Started a Course

Number of members that started a course

 By always knowing where you stand, you can spot trends early and make the best decisions for your business.

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