One of Fielo's star apps can help you educate your resellers

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 1, 2018

To drive sales growth from your direct and indirect resellers, your program members need a full understanding of your product. Whether it is educating them on how to use it, install it, feature it or sell it, your channel partners are your front line.

Product expertise is particularly critical for a product launch, new partner on-boarding, regional or seasonal sales promotions or market expansion.

Fielo’s Training Incentives application provides you with the tools to motivate your channel partner program members to expand their product knowledge and has a huge impact on reseller loyalty and sales.

> Training content:

Offer audio and video courses to engage your members. They have access to learning content from any internet or mobile device.

> Assessments and quizzes:

Create certification exams or quick quizzes to benchmark and reward product knowledge or reinforce key selling concepts with your members.

> Course catalogs:

Members can view and dig into course catalogs, with courses and content personalized to their market, role, partner type and even language.

> Integration:

If you have an existing LMS system, Fielo can connect to it and allow for seamless sharing of learning management and reward status updates.

> Notification and alerts:

Your members get email confirmations and notifications of their training registration, reminders and instructions on joining live classes.

> Personalized transcripts:

Members access their own program page to follow their product education progress and the courses they’ve taken to date. They can also see the status of their quizzes, pass/fail results along with scores.

> Member portal management:

Your members have access to a personalized portal where they can view their profile, find training material, view results, rewards and more.

> Customized processes:

Configure your training incentive program campaigns by segmenting your members by type, size, location, product and more.

> Incentive campaign management:

Use the Fielo platform to configure compliance campaigns using specific rules, goals, levels and rewards

> Analytics:

Fielo analytics provide you with real-time reports and dashboards to track progress and results.

> Incentives:

Fielo offers numerous incentive and reward options and integrates with most third party reward catalog providers in order to motivate a high level of program participation

Fielo’s incentive & loyalty apps include a communication module that is powerful, easy to use and designed to encourage program participation from your members. At its core, it allows you to deliver personalized content that increases engagement and loyalty as members advance in the program.

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