Is your company driving brand compliance from channel partners? [+Guide]

By Anna Sophie Gross Feb 21, 2018

Brand compliance is the complete management of your brand image and messaging across every level of your organization, from internal employees to field teams.

Brands are living, breathing, constantly evolving entities which require continual cultivation and care. They represent the heart and soul of the company to channel partners and customers. In fact, branding experts estimate that brand equates to around 35 to 45% of average company market revenue.

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When time and money isn’t invested in band compliance, a gap can often emerge between how a company wants to be perceived and how it is actually seen by its channel partners and customers. It’s always important to remember that a brand isn’t what you say it is from your head office, it’s what your channel partners say it is. So if you want them to be consistent in the way they showcase your brand, you need to be consistent in the way you portray it to them – everything needs to have the same look and feel. Inconsistency, on the other hand, sends mixed messages, breeds confusion, and ultimately makes people ambivalent towards your products.

Engagement software like Fielo enables you to publish all of your most important content and campaigns on a single portal. All of you brand assets are stored in a single place, which can be accessed by internal sales groups, regional marketing officers, resellers, distributors and franchisees. This helps eliminate the possibility of rogue marketing, where channel partners might try to pull together haphazard marketing materials and campaigns which don’t match the look, feel and vibe of your existing materials.

You can upload a library of brand photos, such as promotional items, products, stores and live events, which can then be shared by program participants in exchange for points and rewards.

Rather than developing new brand compliance campaigns every time you want to market a good or service, it’s much more time and cost efficient to have an ongoing, simple program operating across your channel ecosystem.

Long-term programs mean you can continually:

  • Tell a story, with recurring themes and motifs
  • Build and retain a loyal partner base
  • Adapt and use a tried and tested model without having to invent and explain new rules every time
  • Increase speed to market by using existing infrastructure

Communicate effectively

There’s no point having top class marketing materials if these aren’t properly communicated to your channel partners. Participants need to be made aware of the rewards on offer to them and they need to have your brand materials at their fingertips for sharing. 

Depending on the demographic of your partner base you should decide whether your communication is conducted via email, phone calls, social media, events or mobile technology. Sometimes mixing up all of these mediums is the best way to go, as it keeps interactions dynamic, fresh and appealing to diverse segments of the channel ecosystem.

Remember that the sellers, distributors and marketers of today are constantly on the move and are used to fast pace, interactive technology. For your program to appeal to them and to ensure continued engagement, your interface needs to be fresh and easily accessible. That’s why we often recommend developing a spunky mobile app which fits neatly into participants’ lives, so that they can access your engaging material, campaigns and resources over coffee, in an elevator or at home with the kids.

The companies that really thrive in a market place are those which successfully establish a clear brand message, so using intelligent technology to drive and incentivize channel partners to spread a consistent message is key to building a robust and well-loved brand.

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Guide to Solving Channel Marketing Challenges