How to protect your brand's integrity

By Anna Sophie Gross May 10, 2017

Within a retail environment, how your brand is presented at the store level has considerable impact on sell-through. Well-executed visual merchandising generates brand engagement that, in turn, drives opportunities and sales. Fielo’s brand compliance application allows you to incentivize store-level retail management to adhere to, and report on, your brand’s visual presentation. Fielo’s simple program tools allow you to easily roll out and manage this process.

Photo upload:
Merchants take and upload photos from any mobile device to the Fielo platform to show how their brand is featured in-store.

Compliance monitoring:
Once the merchant has submitted photos, the information collected is stored in the Fielo portal, for centralized, organized and easy access by program administrators, brand managers and account relationship owners. The administrator validates compliance and can raise red flags - or reward compliance – in just a few clicks.

When retailers report and follow visual brand compliance guidelines, the program administrator approves and automatically credits the store or store staff award credits to be redeemed for future incentives.

Member portal management:
Your store-level retailer has access to a personalized portal where they can view their personal or store profile, upload related material to the campaign, get campaign information, view approval status and more.

Customized processes:
Decide who participates. Target your brand compliance program by region, chain, size, account status or even by product.

Incentive campaign management:
Use the Fielo platform to configure compliance campaigns using specific rules, goals, levels and rewards.

Fielo integrates with your existing merchant account management software to allow easy updating of brand compliance advocacy actions performed by your retailers

Fielo analytics provide you with real-time reports and dashboards to track progress and results.

Fielo offers numerous incentive and reward options and integrates with most third party reward catalog providers in order to motivate a high level of program participation

Your merchant member accrues points during the campaign by uploading pictures related to visual merchandising and brand compliance. Once the campaign objectives have been performed by the retailer, the program member can exchange their points for rewards.

Fielo’s incentive & loyalty apps include a communication module that is powerful, easy to use and designed to encourage program participation from your members. At its core, it allows you to deliver personalized content that increases engagement and loyalty as members advance in the program.


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