How to evaluate your resellers beyond revenue… brand advocacy      

By Anna Sophie Gross Feb 9, 2018

All of your product resellers should also be advocates. They need to be marketing your manufactured merchandise all the time. And that doesn’t necessarily mean running from door to door screaming your brand’s name, or whipping out your products over lunch – it means using their human face and voice to push your company products over and above your competitors’.

Something that manufacturing vendors need to start thinking about more and more is brand humanization. Distributors, contractors and VARs are faced with something known as “content fatigue” – they’re constantly being pushed promotions, campaigns and product information from a plethora of different manufacturers and vendors. Your brand and voice needs to stand out from the rest, so that your partners feel driven to pass your brand message on to their customers.

And the sad reality is that there are really few manufacturing brands out there that are actually successfully humanizing their brands. They’re stuck in the past, focusing on their products, instead of using their most powerful resource – people. Humanizing your company in the eyes of its many potential customers means that you’ll create that spark that keeps them engaged with your brand.

Manufacturing is a multi-hop industry which means that products make a lots of ‘hops’ between the vendor and the final customer, from distributors, to contractors, to VARs and more. That means that each seller along the way has a pool of other partners that it can influence. You have a whole host of “thought leaders” at your disposal who can have a major impact on their customers.

Blog posts, reviews, testimonials and social media posts written by individual partners about your products can have a major impact on your brand. Just getting these guys to share what they know and think can propel your brand to the limelight. They can add their voice to your company blog, upload photos and videos of themselves working with your products and publish unscripted video testimonials about their work.

That’s when the best form of marketing kicks in – word of mouth – creating a marketing multiplier effect. According to a McKinsey report, word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchase decisions – and no-where can this be seen more strongly than in the Manufacturing industry.

For your company to incentivize channel partners to showcase and sing your brand’s praises you need to:

  1. have accurate real-time data about what they’re up to
  2. have ways of rewarding positive brand advocacy
  3. monitor which channel partners are doing the best in order to reward top players for their A game

One major pain point affecting manufacturing vendors who want to incentivize brand advocacy is a lack of visibility into their resellers’ activities. They tend to rely on relatively ad hoc, non-formalized incentivization schemes, because they don’t have structured and accurate data on what these sellers are up to.

Fielo offers ways for your company to collect, store and analyze data on reseller behavior, as well as in-built automated reward and tier systems to incentivize them towards top class brand advocacy.

These incentive mechanisms lead to increased website traffic and soaring engagement and awareness about your brand which in turn increases the quantity and scale of your product sales.


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