How to drive purchases from your resellers

By Anna Sophie Gross Apr 24, 2017

For your resellers, whether they’re a distributor, retailer or end-user, there is a clear benefit to selling or purchasing your product, but most work with multiple vendors - often your competitors.

How do you cut through the channel “noise” to encourage loyalty, remain top of mind and influence their purchase behavior? Fielo’s Purchase Behavior app promotes and rewards repeat purchase. You define the specific conditions and benefits of the program, as well as the goals that your members need to achieve to earn rewards.

Proof of purchase upload:

Your members access a customized portal to directly upload their proof of purchase in exchange for points and rewards. They can also access information about their profile and view updates to campaigns.


Your partner program administrator uses Fielo to review if the purchase activity qualifies and maintains control of member activity approvals and rejections.

Notification & communication:

As members reach program goals and your administrator approves them, partners immediately receive an email alert with progress updates

Customized processes:

Configure and customize your campaign by segmenting your members based on member type, opportunity type and more.

Incentive campaign management:

Use the Fielo platform to configure member campaigns using specific rules, goals, levels and rewards.


Fielo integrates with your  existing  back office systems  to access and validate actions performed by your members.


Fielo analytics provide you with real-time reports and dashboards to track progress and results.


Fielo offers numerous incentive and reward options and integrates with most third party reward catalog providers in order to motivate a high level of program participation

To qualify for this program, members submit required information  - like item value and final proof of purchase. The program administrator easily reviews, approves or rejects. After validation, the member receives the points corresponding to the action achieved. Once a pre-defined target has been reached, the member can exchange their points for rewards.

Fielo’s incentive & loyalty apps include a communication module that is powerful, easy to use and designed to encourage program participation from your members. At its core, it allows you to deliver personalized content that increases engagement and loyalty as members advance in the program.

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