How Fielo helped HTP change its gameplan [+ New ebook]

By Anna Sophie Gross Dec 2, 2016

Founded in 1974, HTP Inc. is an American heating system and domestic hot water heater manufacturer. The company strives to make the most efficient, user-friendly products on the market and its state of the art technologies and focus on high efficiency make it a leader in the heating industry.

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HTP was in a bit of a rut - with over 30 authorized representatives that either sell directly to contractors or through distributors, HTP Inc. had limited contact with and information about the contractors who actually purchase its products.

Stakeholders at the company had a few key objectives but they were at a loss about how exactly to make them a reality. These objectives were nothing crazy or unique – they’re probably things that you’d sympathize with. They wanted to have a better understanding of their customer base (accessed via contractors). They wanted to incentivize their contractors to buy more and they wanted to promote and advocate their brand.

It didn’t take long for them to clock the need for a B2B loyalty and engagement program. They realized it would be no good at all to try to develop one in house, and that they would need to partner with an experienced team of consultants who’d be able to design the optimal program for their needs (and implement it quickly!)

After researching many potential loyalty solutions, HTP chose Fielo for its flexibility, customizability and affordability.

The team here at Fielo worked hard and they worked quickly. The hyper quick deployment cycle meant that HTP Rewards was live in five weeks, including complete customization and configuration.

Within its first 3 weeks, HTP Rewards had enrolled almost 100 members whose profiles ranged from 1-man businesses to large, metropolitan contractors.

The product we developed had a wide range of specially tailored features, including a customizable database to track purchase behaviour, whereby HTP and Fielo capture information on contractors in a database, tracking their buying habits and leveraging powerful analytics and reports to get to grips with the data.

The program contained a rules engine and promotion capability so that HTP could configure how and when to incent contractors to choose its products.

The product was fully integrated to social media on the member portal which massively improved HTP’s digital presence. A ‘member get member’ campaign was also set up, via email and Facebook, incentivizing contractors to recommend others.

The whole thing was seamlessly integrated with HTP’s Salesforce platform which made data and processes uniform, including analytics and member and purchase validation.

We ensured that HTP could upload educational materials, such as webinars and digital brochures, on to the platform, and then incentivized their consumption via rewards.

You might be wondering how exactly all of this improved HTP’s business…

As a result of the HTP Rewards program, HTP can now directly engage with, incentivize and capture data on its best contractors.

The program has had some serious revenue driving power, increasing sales of desired product lines and increasing overall spend. It has proved to be a potent business intelligence tool, helping HTP to track and analyze customer purchase behavior in real time, leveraging data to improve its entire business cycle from Product Development to Sales.

It also functions as a new took in HTP’s marketing arsenal. Via the member portal, HTP educates its membership base on new product lines and promotions. At the same time, regular webinars educate contractors about the loyalty program and its benefits.

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