How Fielo can help you improve reseller brand advocacy

By Anna Sophie Gross Feb 22, 2018

One of the most effective  ways  to increase the value and trust associated with your brand is through a partner brand advocacy program. But simply creating one does little to drive active participation. The Fielo Brand Advocacy app not only helps you launch an effective, multi-channel brand advocacy program, but also incentivizes your members to participate, which is ultimately how organizations succeed in implementing an advocacy initiative. 

Submit referrals:

When your resellers, retailers and end-users have a positive view of your brand, they are more willing to provide feedback, referrals and testimonials. But this requires effort. Fielo simplifies and accelerates this behavior by tracking and rewarding advocacy behavior from your  members.

Events participation:

Program members help you maximize the impact of your marketing efforts by participating in high-visibility events like conferences, trade shows, product launches, or an online marketing campaign. Fielo helps you motivate involvement by rewarding them for their participation.

Survey management:

Critical to product success is market feedback. Your channel partners are often closest to your end-user and can provide you with important insights. Fielo improves survey completion rate and speed using our reward mechanism.

Reviews (testimonials):

Positive testimonials from third parties have an oversized effect on your brand’s perception and influences purchase behavior. Fielo helps you motivate and reward your members to submit product testimonials.

Member portal management:

Your program members have access to a highly customized portal where they can view their profile, upload documentation, get campaign information, view approval status and  more. 

Customized processes:

Decide who participates. Target your advocacy program by segmenting your members based on member type, opportunity type and more.


Fielo integrates with your existing  back office systems and social media platforms  to easily validate brand advocacy actions performed by your members.


Fielo analytics provide you with real-time reports and dashboards to track progress and results.


Fielo offers numerous incentive and reward options and integrates with most third party reward catalog providers in order to motivate a high level of program participation 

Incentive campaign management:

Use the Fielo platform to configure member campaigns using specific rules, goals, levels and rewards. 

To participate in the brand advocacy program, your member needs to complete qualified activities specified in your campaign. You can use membership levels to allow the member to grow and unlock more benefits and rewards.

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