How Fielo can help you build a: Retailer Incentive Program

By Anna Sophie Gross Apr 5, 2017

Retailer participation in account specific promotions, as well as regional, national and seasonal campaigns is challenging.

One reason for that is that it is difficult to evaluate and monitor whether people are actually following and executing your material where they are. Fielo helps consumer goods companies incentivize retailers to properly implement and run local store brand and promotional programs. This program is designed to:

> Increase impact of consumer sales promotions

> Improve business planning

> Simplify verifcation of promotional participation and adherence

> Strengthen retailer relationship and brand loyalty

How the program works:

The main objective of this program is to incentivize the retailer to follow and comply with marketing program guidelines, awarding points at the store manager level, based on different engagement activities. Some of the activities that can qualify for this type of program are outlined below.

Training - Rewards the retailer for completing brand/marketing program education to drive proper promotion execution

Revenues - Rewards the store or store staff for product sales and cross sell and up sell

Marketing initiatives/engagement - Participation in select marketing initiatives that drive market insights and brand awareness

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