How Fielo can help you build a: Distributor and Retailer Program

By Anna Sophie Gross Apr 3, 2017

In order to successfully sell products through your distribution channels and achieve target sales volume, you need strong relationships with your distributors and, ultimately, your retailers. Both also serve as representatives of your brand, and they impact its reputation within your markets.

The Fielo channel incentive platform is the ideal solution to increase overall sales performance, improve adherence to brand guidelines, target slower sales periods and reward product knowledge. This program is designed to:

> Help your Distributors strengthen and increase Retailer relationships

> Reward distributors and retailers for participating in product training and market surveys

> Increase sales and overall profitability through incentivizing achievement of target goals

> Incentivize partners to participate in marketing programs to build brand loyalty

How the program works:

This program involves two unique partner constituencies: the sales distributor and the retailer. Commonly, the sales distributor is incentivized based on retailer performance and is rewarded when the retailer reaches their goals.

The Fielo Distributor & Retailer program is designed to support the distributor in engaging their retail partners, incentivizing them to participate in high-value activities and behaviors. They ear points and rewards when they engage and complete qualifying activities, examples of which are outlined below.


  • Rewards the sales distributor’s product education effort
  • Rewards the retailer for learning how to feature and promote products


  • Rewards distributors for achieving  sales targets to the retailer
  • Rewards Retailers for achieving sales targets to consumer

Co-marketing programs:

  •  Incentivizes distributors and/or retailers to participate in marketing and brand and market insight programs

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