How Fielo can help you build a: Contractor Incentive Program

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 31, 2017

In a competitive and commoditized construction procurement landscape, building and construction manufacturers need to differentiate their products from competitors and improve engagement within each tier of their partner ecosystem.

In particular, in an industry where the contractor drives a significant portion of your commercial success, a contractor incentive program that rewards product knowledge, lead and opportunity sharing, sales pipeline transparency and purchase is now a must-have to maintain and expand market share.

Fielo provides building and construction manufacturers with a turn-key contractor incentive program solution that allows you to engage all tiers of your contractor community with personalized, targeted rewards and incentives to increase product loyalty and purchase. The Fielo Contractor Incentive Program is designed to:

> Reward your contractor for increasing knowledge and familiarity with your product

> Increase sales and overall profitability through lead and opportunity sharing

> Generate valuable market insights though surveys and feedback

How the program works:

The main objective of this program is to incentivize contractor program members to purchase, perform desired actions and demonstrate product loyalty, through the awarding of points, recognition badges and other high-value rewards.

Points are earned when your contractor enrolls in qualifying activities and, upon achieving program objectives, these points can be exchanged for rewards. Some examples of activities that can be incentivized through this program are outlined below.

Training – Increase product knowledge and obtaining certificates

Sales – increase revenue from and for contractor program members through lead and opportunity sharing and reaching purchase volume goals

Marketing – Gain market insights and contractor loyalty by incentivizing feedback sharing and survey completion

Its time to seriously consider adopting a Contractor Incentive Program if you want to be ahead of the game and increase your profit margins.

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