How do I get my sellers to sell more?

By Anna Sophie Gross Feb 16, 2018

Getting those sales up

If it’s higher volume of sales you’re looking for from your contractors, sellers and distributors, you’re definitely part of a very popular club. The good news is that engagement software is perfectly tailored to enable suppliers to drive and incentivize higher sales volumes from their seller base.

Rewards, competition, gamification and tier systems are motivational drivers which guide all members of your multi-hop industry towards pushing your products. Points can be allocated based on purchase revenue or the sale of specific items, and can then be redeemed for expertly selected and tailored rewards.

Tiered membership systems also mean you can keep track of your top sellers, and reward them for their top class game, keeping them motivated and increasing engagement from the most lucrative band of partners in your ecosystem.

Incentivizing up-selling and cross-selling

You need to make it worth sellers' while to sell a bundle of your products over a range of different product from different manufacturers. And the way to do that is by offering them something in return, On top class cloud-based engagement software, the same rewards, gamification and tier systems can be programmed for incentivizing your contractors, distributors and VARs to up-sell and cross-sell other products in your line after successfully selling one. 

The system is win, win – you get to increase sales and deal size and reduce manufactory inventory, while seller satisfaction and skills increase. Even customers get a slice of the pie, gaining extra products at a reduced cost.

Education, education, education

Too often manufacturers try to get their channel partners to sell more by just rewarding sales. But that simply doesn’t get to the heart of it. If your distributors, contractors and VARs don’t know about your range of products, unique selling points, and product updates they won’t be able to push your ware effectively. To find out more about the importance of education, read our latest post. 

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