Success story: How Fielo helped James Hardie

By Anna Sophie Gross Sep 12, 2016

Today, we provide a top class example of Fielos success in the construction industry. 

James Hardie is a company that manufactures and develops fiber-cement building products for new home constructions and remodelling, in the USA, New Zealand and Canada. 

They were struggling to connect and incentivize their channel partners - aka contractors - so that they could drive engagement and sales. The challenge lay in the fact that they sell though a diverse and dispersed range of distributors and retailers. They needed to find a way of bringing all of them together and communicating with them effectively.

Enter Fielo. 

The solution: "Contractor Alliance"

We delivered flexible technology that would successfully connect James Hardie with its valued contractors and address some of the companies biggest pain points. 

We diagnosed that James Hardie's difficulties lay in lead generation and nurturing i.e. contractors weren't following lead and opportunity protocol or logging information effectively. We also identified a need for increased contractor training and education around the James Hardie brand and its products, as well as wider market and industry trends.

The program we delivered incentivizes contractors to create and nurture leads, both new and assigned, whilst also incentivizing activities around training and e-learning. 

Various achievements and revenue-generating actions elevate the contractor across 5 membership levels and badge systems, improving their status on what is known as the "contractor locator". This, in turn, opens up more business opportunities for them. Hence, we created an incentive cycle - the more contractors develop, the more they want to develop because of the personal and financial benefits to them. So James Hardie benefits and they do to.

The program has a reports generator and dashboards so that stakeholders can monitor channel activity. It's fully integrated to the CRM so information can move seamlessly between customers, channel partners and James Hardie, improving visibility into the sales pipeline. It is also multi-lingual – accessible in both French and English – to suit the international nature of the company. 

How did it improve business?  

As a result of the powerful program delivered by Fielo, James Hardie's customer base has risen by 254% since launch. There has also been an impressive 20% increase in customer engagement over existing marketing efforts. Those numbers are pretty remarkable and attest to the power of Fielo's cloud-based engagement architecture.

James Hardie is now able to expand the multi-country, multi-language program throughout the USA and Canada in English and French. 

To find out more about Contractor Alliance and its successes, visit the program page on the James Hardie site: 

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