Ever wondered how you can unlock your sales pipeline?

By Anna Sophie Gross Apr 18, 2017

You want to know exactly what’s going on in your sales pipeline, so you can trace your potential customers from first lead to purchase.

Enabling partner deal and opportunity registration provides pipeline visibility, reduces conflict and lets you track program member performance.

Fielo’s Lead & Opportunity App provides an easy way for you to assign opportunities to program members and reward them for registering their deals. The main objective of this app is to incentivize your member to register leads and qualified opportunities. Once a goal has been reached, the member can exchange their points for rewards.

The result: improved sales, increased member engagement and loyalty.

Lead creation:

Share new leads between you and your partners using our web lead capture form. Fielo integrates with your existing partner locator tool to refer new customer leads to the right local partner.

Lead notification & communication:

When your resellers are assigned a new lead, they will immediately receive an email alert. Members quickly view and update lead status and convert them into opportunities.

Opportunity entry:

Members easily enter their opportunities into the Fielo portal and progress them to successful close.

Capture end-customer information:

Program members can add detailed customer information and insights, to improve your understanding of market opportunities.

Member lead management:

Your members access a personalized partner portal where they view their profile, upload deals, get campaign information, view approval status and more.

Deal registration processes:

Maintain control of your deal registration process by segmenting your partners by member type, location, opportunity and more.

Incentive campaign management:

Use the Fielo platform to configure member campaigns using specific rules, goals, levels and rewards.


Fielo integrates with your existing technologies and systems to make implementation simple and speed up your roll-out


Fielo analytics provide you with real-time reports and dashboards to track progress and results.


Fielo offers numerous incentive and reward options and integrates with most third party reward catalog providers in order to motivate a high level of program participation

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