Best Practices per Incentive & Loyalty Management: Insights from Manufacturers

Oct 27, 2017

In gearing up for Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference, we thought we’d share some early insights with you from our research on incentive management best practices. We are conducting a survey of manufacturers and distributors to discover how they go to market with respect to incentive programs and their relative investment levels and technology approaches.  Some findings:

Most manufacturers are investing less than 3% of their revenues in incentive & loyalty programs for their dealers and contractors.Most manufacturers (perhaps not surprisingly) still use spreadsheets to manage their incentive & loyalty programs … but most are not happy or ambivalent about that technology approach.Distributors seem to be further along in funding incentive programs for dealers and contractors, in terms of investment levels and modern technology enablement.Those manufacturers that invest more and/or work jointly with distributors to execute incentive programs are much more successful in terms of the number of dealers and contractors that they are able to attract to participate in those programs. 

We’ll present the final numbers at Dreamforce.  If you’ll be attending, stop by and we’ll give you the final research report.