A fun way to unite and engage your channel partner ecosystem

By Anna Sophie Gross Apr 4, 2016

For companies operating with a diverse range of sales partners one of the main objectives is creating a sense of channel “community”. Luckily for these companies, when it comes down to it, individual sellers, distributors and marketers want the same thing – to connect with other like-minded people, and see where they stand in relation to them.

Companies have thrown themselves full swing into the trend of gamifying activities and behaviors, creating a sense of competitive fun which engages their teams and unites them under a shared objective. After a while however, being the most successful seller within a sales group or company loses its novelty - people want to know how exactly they compare to other top performers in other areas, companies, segments and programs.

Think of it like soccer – you might be the best player in a club, but eventually that won’t stimulate you or make you feel proud any more. You’ll end up wanting to know how you compare to people in the wider soccer community, first in your area, then nationally and finally internationally. That’s why there are so many regional, national and international leagues.

Ambitious and motivated types don’t just want to compete with the greatest span of rivals, they also want to be continually challenged, in innovative and novel ways.

That’s where this slightly out-there but hugely effective new idea comes in. Create a fun and friendly competition that spans the entire channel ecosystem. It should be something light-hearted and stimulating which promises synchronization and engagement.

For example: all members of the channel community from different companies and sectors could compete over how fit they are and how much exercise they do. All companies enrolled in the program would measure the amount of steps they take per day for a designated time period using a special gadget. Individuals and teams that are doing well would win points towards a prize, or select a charity which losing teams would have to donate to.

Fitbit is a company which produces tracker bracelets to measure steps, pace, heart race and energy consumption, as well as complementary mobile apps, dashboards and resources to implement and run a competitive program. They have all of the materials available for you to run a corporate program on their ready to use software.

Some other functionalities of the Fitbit corporate program include:

  • The ability to create your own tailored challenges, pegging store against store or top seller against top seller. Challenges can have fun names and be time-specific, such as ‘Weekend Warrior’ or ‘Workweek Hustle’
  • You can track all parts of participants’ days, including the food they eat, weight, sleep patterns, and other activities.
  • A message board which enables users to instantly message and connect with one another – creating the ultimate sense of community spirit.

This model can be expanded to include a whole host of behaviors you’re keen to see from across your channel partner base. Think beyond sales, to soft behaviors that will improve skills, boost brand image and increase ROI. These include deal registration, training, courses, social media shares, testimonials, marketing campaigns, data collection and community posts.

The basic principle: creating gamified competition and spreading it across the whole partner ecosystem. But remember, you’re at liberty to center it around any activity of your choice. Nowadays, brands and companies can be dealing with a massive and disparate channel partner ecosystem, and there’s no better way to create a sense of unity and interactiveness than by adding a light dose of competitive fun to their daily lives.

Gamification brings a whole host of benefits to contracting companies, guaranteeing engagement and excellence in the work environment and increasing the quality of life of collaborators. That means more loyal partners and greater revenue – win, win.

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