5 top social media tips for manufacturers

By Anna Sophie Gross Mar 28, 2017

Every manufacturer is now aware that if they want to gain and maintain credibility in the market, they need to have a strong social media presence. We’ve listened to advice from digital specialists and hand-picked five of the most important take-away messages for boosting your brand’s online presence.

Know your audience

If you don’t have a really clear sense of who you’re actually talking to, more likely than not you’ll be talking to thin air. You need to select which social media channels you use based on who you’re trying to target. Young people are all over Snapchat and Instagram, while Gen Xers are more likely to be found on Linkedin and Facebook.

You shouldn’t be making blind guesses though. You should be using smart analytic tools to find out who’s been talking about you and your competitors online and where exactly they’re having those conversations. You need to tailor and develop your communication so you’re meeting them where they are.

Another way of finding this out is by conducting surveys. Send them out to your resellers and offer them points towards rewards for completion. They can keep you informed and up to date on their and their customers social media whereabouts and trends.

Have a character and personality online

All of your competitors are vying for the attention of your resellers and customers. You need to stand out. No-one is particularly interested in following or chatting to a corporate brand, but if they get a sense of a fun, easy person behind that brand, they’re much more likely to engage. We’re social animals after all.

That’s why it’s really important to allow and encourage your resellers to use social media and harness their personality and influence to advocate for your brand. Use the distinct characters in your ecosystem to market your products and showcase the human side of your brand. You’ll find that your online engagements will start soaring in no time.

Tell stories

The very best online marketers put stories at the heart of their messaging. These might be your company’s success stories, customer testimonials, employee histories and successes, friends or partners experiences.

Social media is a fantastic way to engage in storytelling and shining light on the many wonderful people that make your brand what it is. From customer testimonials to reseller success or even employee events and outings, it’s a fantastic idea to celebrate the people behind your brand!

The Four all-important E’s

Every time you make a social media post you need to think about whether your content fits at least one of the following criteria:

  • Enlightens – provides important information that can help your audience understand your brand or products better
  • Entertains - - makes viewers interested and keen to come back for more
  • Educational – teaches your audience something they didn’t know before that could help them in the future, even if it isn’t related to your brand.
  • Emotion – you want to evoke an emotional response from your audience – engage their emotions and attention using exciting and heart-warming stories.

Educate your resellers and employees

It’s no good just running a stellar social media strategy from inside head office. You need to make sure that the good work is being carried on by all members of your ecosystem of resellers and employees.

Social media is everywhere these days so your company is likely to have loads of employees and partners who are on Facebook, Linkedin, Twiitter etc. but not necessarily in any official capacity. You need to make sure that every one of your resellers is being the best brand advocate they can be for your brand.

For that reason, its worth drafting some simple social media guidelines to help them understand the basic rules of online etiquette, how to respond to negative comments about your brand, who can post from official channels, how to be friendly and personable without being unprofessional. Make sure that you actually incentivize your resellers to read the guidelines and training via points towards rewards!

It's time to meet your customers where they are and harness this time of greater connectedness and personal influence to tell your most powerful and engaging stories, enlighten and entertain, and ultimately sculpt a more agile business for the future.

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