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what we do

Fielo is the premier end-to-end channel (B2B) and consumer (B2C) Incentive Automation platform built for the Salesforce cloud.


In 2012, 2 savvy Salesforce-savvy business professionals created the first Incentive Automation platform of its kind – i.e., based on a native Salesforce architecture – and dubbed it Fielo (a portmanteau of FIdelity & LOyalty). Since then, Fielo, in conjunction with its customers, has evolved its technology to offer today a robust end-to-end Incentive Automation platform to guide channels’ and customers’ behavior and inspire their loyalty.

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Fielo’s cloud-based, Salesforce-native Incentive Automation platform enables large and mid-sized organizations to build and run highly scalable incentive and loyalty programs to engage channels (B2B) and customers (B2C).


In 2017, the Fielo Incentive Automation platform was named a TOP 20 ISV Solution from among 3000 on Salesforce AppExchange.


Fielo powers incentive and loyalty programs for global enterprises and mid-market companies, representing tech, manufacturing, building materials, consumer goods, and hospitality industries.

our mission

Using market-leading Incentive Automation technology, we help global organizations incentivize,
reward and engage multiple audiences to drive desired business results.

our objectives

To make a meaningful, mesurable difference to our customers, partners and employees

To build innovative, industry-defining technology solutions

To build innovative, industry-defining technology solutions